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Here's some very basic questions I'd love for adv1 to address:

1. You claim that the extra holes are for weight reduction however the additional holes are threaded. Why where the additional holes threaded if it's for "weight reduction"?

2. If it was done for weight reduction why wasn't it done to all four wheels and only two?

3. Why do we have to travel to MHTs facility to verify the origin of your parts? You are "The Wheel Industry" aren't you? I would expect "The Wheel Industry" to at least have inventory in there headquarters.

In my opinion you guys are full of crap and have done an excellent job at hypnotizing all those wealthy blocks whom have no absolute knowledge of whom they're dealing with.

But in a community of street smart consumers like the ones found here you guys are done! Keep pumping out the marketing and attracting those ignorant to the reality you're doing a good job at it.