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Originally Posted by XBMW6 View Post
I wasn't going to say it that way...but you've laid out some of my thoughts on the current technological trends. I do agree that some of those features are hardly used or appreciated by majority of the users, however, I think it's the idea or perception by new customers that their new ride (within a year) is already outdated by a newly introduced features that cannot be retrofitted for whatever reason. BMW, in recent years, has been making changes and adding features to most lineup within short period. But, I guess it's the nature of the auto business nowadays in order to stay compatitive.
Yep, I agree with you. I don't know why some automatically assume that waiting for it has no worth. I'm pretty sure plenty of people think that it is worth it to get the latest offering in their car (something that is worth this much money should not make the user feel outdated in a matter of 1month or less), and this is exactly why I would be a little peeved if I had bought the 2013 before the Nov production AND paid the same price. However, my reason for being peeved is that it will undoubtedly affect resale value 2-3 years down the road, and for what, 1-2months?