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Originally Posted by Tony135 View Post
Alright guys, I have Jordan's official reply to this situation. Just to go over this quickly, we have never refused to give the customer his refund. We've cooperated with his every request and of course we have already sent him the refund which he requested publicly.

There are some strong accusations in this thread that we're not going to address because they have nothing to do with the OP's original post. It's obvious that some people aren't a fan of ADV.1 and that's okay, everyone has their own opinion.

And one thing I read that I felt needed to be cleared up was the how some of you think are wheels are made in China. Every single part is made in the USA and any one is welcome to come by our facility in LA and visit and see for themselves.

Now here's Jordan's post:

Guys, without getting into detail on this situation as I strongly feel that it's unprofessional of me to do so in this case, I'll explain the following.

I honestly don't know why this customer has all of a sudden decided to share this information as we've provided him with nothing but impeccable service since 2010. These wheels have been on his car for nearly, if not over a year now. Photos have been circulating the internet for months and he has given us nothing but positive feedback on them until now. This information is well documented in emails, even recently upon his latest report of this issue where we / I have been nothing but open to his every request.

In addition, regardless of the issue, and without even questioning his request for a refund which was sent on Thursday 7/12/12, at 12:14am est of which I authorized the return and full refund of the entire amount paid in 2010 in my response to him that morning as soon as I saw it. Anyone who's ever had an issue with our wheels can tell you that I personally insist on handling the issue and I go above and beyond to remedy the problem however necessary. In this case I myself and almost my entire production team has done exactly that for over 2 years now with this customer in an effort to do one thing, satisfy our client.

In regards to the safety concern which he is referring to, there's no need for me to convince anyone of the quality of our wheels. I'm 100% confident in these wheels and all of our wheels. Often times we see all sorts of comments on the internet from people who seem to know a lot about the wheel industry and all of it's technical terminology, especially coming from non wheel industry forum members. It's obvious as to why there's so much of this and it's fine, I understand that it's part of the business. I've stated many times publicly, we have nothing to hide, we can provide any requested documentation to anyone who would like to see it, we can provide references from every aspect of the industry including testing without hesitation.

I'm confident enough in our quality and capabilities to say openly that should anyone feel the need to verify this, they're more than welcome to request independent test data on our wheels, materials, engineering qualifications, or literally ANY form of validation they would like. I'll gladly provide all the data and verification needed of which can be verified openly or privately. I couldn't be more open when it comes to this matter and I honestly am happy to provide this information. Simply call me directly at 305.238.0058 x101 or email me at
Care to explain the OPs pictures and the machining of holes in that really doesnt take an engineer to see the positioning of those threaded holes is a severe design or machining flaw