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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
You are asking for torque at the expense of throttle response, high revs and good sound ? The the solution is NA 2.5l 300 PS with 9.000 RPM redline.

Give me the new M3 F80 with S65 over N54 anyday. Give me the 1M with alumium block S54 over N54 any day.

The throttle response of the 1M is in fact VERY good and you don't feel the need of revving the engine high because with its 'tall' gears and the way you build up speed very fast due to its torque, you get the never ending power sensation all the time, except when you rev it too high, past 6000 rpm.

The throttle response from the new generation turbo engines has improved a LOT.

Also, I like the 1M's exhaust sound note very much to the point that I don't miss my former Cayman's engine sound at 7400 rpm, not a little bit... seriously, I don't!