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Exclamation First day back from vacation...

And I get a(nother) reckless ticket
God damn trooper was hiding in the bushes in a spot where I have never seen a trooper
It's the same road I take to work everyday, so I know where to slow down for the police
It's on old dominion right before it intersects with 123
I was following this truck that was doing 20 in a 35
So the minute the road splits into 2 lanes
I overtake the truck, not paying attention to my speed, as I was paying attention to my driving.
Just as I pass the truck I see the trooper hiding behind a small tree with the speed gun over his eye, and he waves me to pull over
64 in a 35
Last reckless was October 2010
I think my points are -3 now (was 0 before my last incident)
Will take the online driving course
That adds 5 points
So at least when I meet the judge I can say I meant well and already took the course, and I'm at +2
Will get my driving record and see what my current status is

Good news
He didn't give me a ticket for no front number plate
But I recall on my last reckless (where I also got a no front plate ticket)
That he could not get a speed reading my car with lidar because he could not point at my front plate, so he had to use a different method (can't remember what it was)
So how did today's trooper get a reading without a front plate?
I'm thinking maybe if I sell my car, and take the driving course, I might get off easy