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The power of marketing prevails! Burn a bunch of people, fly out the door and let the new owner extinguish the flames, re open under another name and hit the marketing full throttle and viola! BTW no disrespect to the OP.

It amazes me how ignorant people can be to the previous history of both jordan and miguel and not only buy his product but buy it at a super inflated price LOL.

I seen a set of these locally on craigslist being sold used for close to the price of some of the other brands new. I took a trip down to the tire shop selling them and what I saw was not impressive at all. The wheels where as heavy as anchors, the inner barrels where not even coated / finished in any way and the hardware inside was rusted.

I hate for my first post to be a bash against them but as a long time lurker of this forum I feel this community is tight and would hate to see anyone further get burned.