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Can someone tell me a mainstream manufacturer that isn't making their cars more all-encompassing or multi-functional. Many people mention Porsche. Look at the luxury and features of a 911 today vs one from 1986.

It's not that there are no more "real" M cars, its just that they are offering more than just performance which is what the market demands. Hey...if we went back to hand crank windows, no A/C, etc, etc, wouldn't that save weight and be better for performance? Wouldn't you have better steering feel with no power assist whatsoever? How far do you want to go with this?

Ask yourself this: Has the performance of any M-car been diminished from one generation to the next?

The badge whoring to non-M models is whole different thing. My dealer has a 640i gran coupe with M door sills and an M steering wheel. I laughed.
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