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Yes, they are mechanical injection, all our diesel gens. onboard are 4 strokes, V type, except for our inline 6 R 32 Emergency Diesel Gen.

Yes-governor is closest in the photo, we have diesel-electric to power our plant loads.(6 thrusters, motors, all drilling equipment, etc.) 58600 hp total.

I used to work on container ships so I've been in side a few 900 mm bore Inline 9, 2 strokes. They have ladders in the crankcase and you can walk the airbox from one end to the other. I have seen the 2 stroke technologies where they use hydraulics to open/close the exhaust valves and don't have any camshafts.

In our industry, they cut a 50' hole in the deck and remove the block, order all new parts to build up a new engine, including turbos(2). Pocket change for them, Wartsila techs would also fly out for that type of job since we still have the rest of the power plant and rig floor to take care of.
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