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Originally Posted by BMWPower06 View Post
Obvious bias towards the Mercedes was evident throughout the entire "review". Wasn't surprised at the end when he said he bought the 190E.

The E30 M3 was/is obviously the better car, there is a reason that to this day everyone and their mother remembers/desires the E30 M3 and not the 190E
Camissa is probably the only US Auto Journalist with enough combined skill at the wheel and keyboard to get close to the Brits.

If you think he's biased toward Mercs, read the Automobile issue where he reviewed the 1M. He positively raves about the E30 M3 before comparing it to the 1M.

My signature quote is from that article.

I believe that he picked the Merc fairly based on it's easier to live with & cheaper to acquire qualities.
The 1 series M is the most badass, coolest, sickest BMW to debut since the 1988 M3. The E30 M3 finally has a successor. Please welcome the stupidly fast, wickedly tempered, awkwardly named, possibly perfect little son of a benchmark - Automobile Magazine, August 2011