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Originally Posted by dawgdog
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I feel like the dual clutch and AWD takes half the fun away from mastering the art of driving (at the track). I'd rather be slower but know I'm earning my times at the track than being faster than everyone knowing the car is doing most of the work for me.

However when I'm passing up all of these lotus Elise's and spec miatas, I feel like I'm in the same scenario in the M3 with the huge power advantage.
That is the one drawback I see to the GTR. I have been tracking for 5 years and I've made a lot of progress. I'm not sure I would progress as much driving the GTR, but I may be mistaken. Yes, compared to some the M3 is a bully car. But the GTR is the ultimate bully car. Would not have to be so concerned about the high hp Corvettes etc.
+1. I would prefer to master the RWD set up. This is of course due to my vision of the 80's montage of me progressively improving my times at the track, kicking a gas can when I blow out a tire, coming back harder than ever and ultimately gaining the notice of a major car manufacturer. Then him picking me up for the racing team as I try to slowly out edge the older wiser master driver with my young daring tactics. We ultimately clash heads at first but then gain the respect of one another at the end of the race season where he ends up taking out another driver for me to win the race. I hold up my trophy and dedicate the race to my partner and new friend. Que the credits.