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Originally Posted by ejheverest View Post
Nice pics!!

We have(4) Wartsila 32 V18's and (2)V12's at my work.(320mm cylinder bore diameter) Here's a few pics of one after the connecting rod bolts loosened up while under load @ 720 RPM's

Ended up having to order a new block with all new parts...

rated at 10k HP
That's some awesome stuff. Am I right to assume that the engines are mechanical fuel injection and at the end closest to the camera is the governor/governor drive?

Originally Posted by ejheverest View Post
Notice the conn rod is bent in a circle...

The crankcase door is blown off and the block is cracked...
Damn, I've seen the same thing myself dozens of times. When these things go they GO lol
We actually have a means of repairing block damage like that(depending on severity, of coarse.) My shop is one of only two facilities in the world that does "stitch" repair. We machine the entire damaged section out and insert a blank casting by means of using metal stitch pins to secure new section in place. It very tedious and time consuming work but it works.

Here's a con rod of an engine that over sped and starved of oil. The piston crown seized in the bore and broke off of the piston skirt. The push rods are now bananas lol