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Originally Posted by Wheels Boutique View Post
Hello guys I wanted to come on here and clear up a few things I apologize for our first interaction with this forum to be in the matter but we feel it is important for us to clear up some assumptions that have been made.

First Jordan has ZERO affiliation with Wheels Boutique we are ADV 1 dealers but as far as any other affiliation such as ownership that is an incorrect assumption.

I assure you that the issue that had been mentioned above will be resolved in the correct matter and I'm sure ADV will come on here to clear the air as far as that but I would just like to clear up the mention of Wheels Boutique and why it was brought up in this thread in the first place.

Thank You

Here's the second biggest problem....obviously the poor craftmanship of the wheels being first.
The issue is the customer SHOULD NOT HAVE NEEDED TO POST THE ISSUE IN THE FIRST PLACE. It should have been resolved. I was thinking really hard about buying a set of ADV1's. That's out now.
They make all thos video's and brag about their quality and forgot to keep it real. I can understand mistakes happening. I can understand being so busy that 1 or 2 problems slip through. I wil never understand not taking care of an issue the first time it becomes known. Geez, they have made enough money to not be grubby over a set of wheels. There is no excuse for this.