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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
We'll see soon just how much further M Division can advance the state of the art with the next generation M3/M4 and their F8x chassis. This new designation vs. the F3x chassis on which the M version will be based signifies that they have some new tricks to show us this time around. Originally the speculation focused on carbon fiber, especially body panels, but newer rumors suggest that the focus will be heavy use of aluminum, both in the body shell and in subframes and chassis components.

Speaking of your 7 series and of carbon fiber, the next generation of that car is slated to make much heavier use of the material than in any past BMW. Here we will likely see some use of CFRP body panels and perhaps suspension components. Later these will make their way into other BMW products including future M vehicles.
I hope you're right and the next M3 surprises us all by supplanting lightweight materials in the chassis and body at a deeper level than BMW has ever attempted before. You know how people talk about "peak oil?" Hopefully we'll all look back at the last 2 decades and call it "peak automobile weight" when cars rapidly grew in size, features and weight to meet regulatory and market demands but before lightweight materials enjoyed economies of scale to offset the growth trends.