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Interestingly enough I test drove the M3 just over a year ago at a Miami dealership. I came away extremely UNIMPRESSED. It had a definite lag when I stepped on the gas and worse yet after the engine RPMs finally started moving there was a definite pause before the DCT changed gears. Further, I drove it on city streets so I really didn't find the steering feel to be anything special.

Fast forward a couple of months after I had been trying various cars (CTS-V, M5, Cayman S, etc.) and I decided to try another M3 at a different dealership. It was night and day difference! Turns out the first salesman didn't have a clue about the M-related suspension, steering, tranny settings and I had almost certainly driven the car in granny mode despite telling the salesman I wanted a car for occasional track use.

If you get a chance to set the car up properly and find a deserted area to test I suspect you'll have a different impression (I'll never forget the NoCal salesman who took me to a farming area with an open dead-end road and challenged me to run the M5 up into triple digit speeds, take my hands off the wheel, and stand on the brakes - almost bought the thing on the spot!)