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What a load of %<><%!

I can't imagine what gives this sort of person the confidence or the conviction to stump out a broad condemnation of one the worlds most respected automotive icons.

I have been fortunate enough to own 3 generations of M5 and, yes, an X6M and while they all had a weakness of some sort, no other car has come close to offering the best of all worlds package that any of them do.

I miss the rev crazy engines of the past, but appreciate BMW's courage and vision to move to a more socially acceptable norm and somehow make it work in the M type of way when it comes to Turbos for the environment. I have to admit I hated the the very notion of SUV combined with the letter M, but one test drive in a GP rated circuit where Audi RS4s and M3 where trading laps converted me.

Perhaps, this fellow needs to do the same, open his mind to new things and appreciate that strange new things can actually be fun.

Also, as awful as marketing gimmicks may seem, if they allow manufacturers to make the money that funds great cars R&D costs, then keep them coming.