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Originally Posted by SupremePower3335 View Post
Hi Guys,
I have a 335XI Sedan. That is our family car and more for the wife so I am looking for something for myself. I am cross-shopping 997.2 and the Competition M3.

Well I finally drove it on Sat. While the sound was "intoxicating" and look was amazing it wasnt a car that I was like WOW I need to have this..In a way the steering wheel felt loose not tight like my 335 but that could have been b/c we kept it at the lightest settings. B/C we drove it on the local highway we just not get it up to speed..Anyway it was nice and everything but when I looked at the price - it was almost exactly what the 911S if I looked at the M3 MY 2008/2009, the 2006 997.1 are similarly priced so that's where I am kind of stuck..If I want to buy the newer 997.2 I am going to have to wait a while while I can get a MY '08/'09 and save myself $30K or get and older 911 and risk major repairs (eg IMS)...I have to say when a drove the 911S, it was amazing..the handling, the interior etc..One thing that really bugs me is that a 3 Series and M3 interior is almost the same (minus the Headrest)..I love the 911's interior..anyway back to the drive..

Anyway I know this is a M3 forum so I may get bashed but I am interested in your comments/opinions - FLAME SUIT ON
You have not test driven the M3 unless you revved it past 6k rpm in M mode. Otherwise no test drive matters.

Assuming its a brand new M3..dealers will not let you rev the car past 4k rpm. So yea-test drive a used M3 and report back.