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Originally Posted by simianspeedster View Post
I think this may be the fundamental basis of all the complaints even if it's not obvious. As BMW's mainstream cars stray further from their roots (bigger, softer, usually heavier), the M variants will inevitably stray as well because there's only so much the M Division can do to alter a car once the "bones" are in place. How can BMW reasonably make a lighter, tighter M5 when it's essentially based on a 7 Series?

This is why I've suggested that it could be fruitful for the M Division to branch out with an M only sports car that could please the purists. BMW would still make M and M-Sport variants of their mainstream cars, of course, but an M sports car could really underscore the original value of the M brand and give the old guard a reason to stick around.

Just an idea.

I really like your idea, but I'm afraid that if the M Division ventures into developing such a car, it would be aimed at something like the Audi R8 to justify the extremely high development costs of an exclusive M model.