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Honestly the M3 has a Jekyll and Hyde personality. When I first drove one I thought it was rather pedestrian, simple, almost boring. M-DCT was in S1 and D and it just bumped along like a teenager going "Yeah, sure, whatever..." In a weird way it almost felt like I was annoying it!

...I originally was underwhelmed. Then I started playing with the suspension, "power" button, and "M mode." It IMMEDIATELY changed the car, it yearned to go forward, strained even and it honestly seemed the more I pushed it the more rewarding the car became. Now it felt like that underwhelmed teenager took a couple too many adderall and was ready to go! You push the car then and it is almost like "oh, so that is how you want to play it?! Fine let's go!" It pushes you more and more. Whether it is in a corner or anticipating the shift lights, it and you just want more. I can't tell you how many times I've approached decreasing radius offramps, hit the M button, blipped down to 2nd or 3rd and powered through the corner kicking the ass out slightly on power, smiling the whole way...when through, hit the M button again and just cruise like nothing happened.

IMO it is the best split personality car out there. That is why it is loved as THE "all around" sports car.