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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
If you test drove an M3 the same way you test drive any other car (including a 335i), you definitely won't see what it's all about. You need to drive it on some twisty back roads and never let the revs drop below 4000 (and also hopefully be a decently good driver who knows how to get something out of the car but won't overdo it on public roads).
If only dealerships had mini tracks for test driving M cars....

Originally Posted by LM3 View Post
I test drove an M3 in 2008 when they first arrived, and I drove a 335xi to that test drive. At the time I owned an E39 M5.
So first impression of the M3 on my way to some back roads was that it was rather sluggish.. free revving, but felt like it lacked the oomph down low of the 2 aforementioned cars.
Got myself out of the city, built the revs up, and fell in love.
So unless you ran the M3 from 5k(ish) all the way up to redline, and felt it through some twisties, then there's no way you experienced what the car is about. You can't make an informed decision until this occurs.
The 335xi I previously mentioned now has over 80k miles. It's a tank. I've driven it probably 15-20k of those miles. It's an enjoyable car, but no comparison to the M3.
It all depends on what you want -- if you want zippy around town, a la 335, then the M3 isn't your car.
If you live for the weekend back road jaunt or track day, and you enjoy working an engine to access the performance, then you've got to give the M3 further consideration.
Steering weight in the 335 is indeed much heavier than the M3 in the lightest settings. Sport plus (M Mode setting) is probably about equal weight to the 335, but feels so much better. Far more communicative.
I purchased my M3 last fall, and I went with an '08. $20k+ less expensive than a Competition Package.
I have no experience with 911's, so can't speak on those. Good luck with the decision..
Originally Posted by fuddman View Post
Are you reading me!!!!
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Yes I think that's what the issue was..on city roads I could not take it too it's full potential..I am going to talk to SA and see what I can arrange.

Originally Posted by Nine View Post
You start off with some ficticious M3 model "M3 Competition" - What the hell is the M3 Competition? Better yet..
Clearly you are a$$ are part of this forum, own an M3 and don't know what the M3 Competition Package is?? I'm glad you have no opinion b/c other than being a jerk you have no valuable input..


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