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Not that hard of a decision...

Originally Posted by SupremePower3335 View Post
Hi Guys,
I have a 335XI Sedan. That is our family car and more for the wife so I am looking for something for myself. I am cross-shopping 997.2 and the Competition M3.

Well I finally drove it on Sat. While the sound was "intoxicating" and look was amazing it wasnt a car that I was like WOW I need to have this..In a way the steering wheel felt loose not tight like my 335 but that could have been b/c we kept it at the lightest settings. B/C we drove it on the local highway we just not get it up to speed..Anyway it was nice and everything but when I looked at the price - it was almost exactly what the 911S if I looked at the M3 MY 2008/2009, the 2006 997.1 are similarly priced so that's where I am kind of stuck..If I want to buy the newer 997.2 I am going to have to wait a while while I can get a MY '08/'09 and save myself $30K or get and older 911 and risk major repairs (eg IMS)...I have to say when a drove the 911S, it was amazing..the handling, the interior etc..One thing that really bugs me is that a 3 Series and M3 interior is almost the same (minus the Headrest)..I love the 911's interior..anyway back to the drive..

Anyway I know this is a M3 forum so I may get bashed but I am interested in your comments/opinions - FLAME SUIT ON
It has taken me the better part of 4yrs now to understand what the M3 is all about. When they came out I too questioned who would pay the premium when you could have a modded 335-something that was likely faster/quicker on the street and has similar build/interior/features/etc. But if you read all the M3 supplemental manuals and go through the M3 study guides(there are links to both here) you can get a better understanding of all the differences between those two. I think the differences are not that advertised to the casual shopper(and it has been 20yrs now since I've owned a BMW). The 335s are nice but they are not special. If you ever get the chance to take a class at the BMW Performance Center in SC you'd likely get the chance to push both where the differences are amplified. They are very different cars.

On to the 911s - good cars as well. We have kids so that restricts a 911/997 to "toy" status here, not as flexible for me. Also, having had a 996 for a short time, I've lost interest in the Porsche cars for now. I'm sure the 997.2s are better but the 996 was just not special in any way, especially with an interior that was probably designed by an intern at Ford. Short of a GT3-something I guess I'm stuck in the older 964/993 cars. To each his own here.

Also look at where BMW went with the new M5 and you can sense the direction the next M3 will take. Granted I don't want a 100% snarling track toy as my daily driver car but having one that I can track and have fun with is important to me today, wasn't in the past. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if the M3 were a little more subtle in the styling department but then again I'm about the driving experience and not the visual presence. I think this generation M3 is pretty special, does just about anything you can think of and seems to have a great service record as well, no matter how its used. I've(finally) ordered one and can't wait for it to get here. Good luck with your decision.
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