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Isn't BMW M GmbH's job to take a regular BMW series car, dissect it, add performance, and add a "M" badge, then sell it as a M model? Or I'm missing something here?

I've been hearing a lot of terms like "too soft" "not raw" "no driver involvement"...damn, what do you guys all drive? What do your immediate family members drive? I guess it's raw to sleep on a rock, but I really love my tempur-pedic bed, and it's softer for sure. Isn't this part of the evolution of things/technology? M cars are now easier to drive and more civil, and all of sudden it's soft?

And please stop comparing Porsche to BMW, completely different philosophies. Porsche builds sports casr from the ground up, BMW takes a regular series car and enhance the performance aspect of the car. Let's not forget BMW is better car/motor company, Porsche couldn't even stand on its own feet without being absorbed by a giant auto group.