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Originally Posted by cmichaelo View Post
I test drove a used 2011 M3 this week and was quite disappointed in the clutch feel. Particularly how light it felt and which makes it hard to feel the engagement point because I can't feel the pedal pressure under my foot as I let go of the pedal.

I'm just wondering if removing that spring you mentioned would indeed cause an improvement in the pedal feel, essentially resulting in a somewhat "stiffer" clutch which I guess I prefer.

It wont, it actually makes it lighter going down and heavier going up but I could feel the engagement point a little better. If you remove both springs as stated in the first page it should make it feel a lot better but I didnt like how the clutch felt loose and moves right and left, there is also about 1-2cm of up and down movement that is free which does nothing to the clutch which I didnt like. I am afraid the single spring method I tried is just something in my head and has no actual benefits so I might make it stock again and see if what I did is an actual improvement. Lets be truthful, the clutch in our e9x M3 sucks.
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