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Lots of truth there and thanks for nailing it.

I personally would like to know the percentage of BMW drivers who BMWAG considers as "enthusiast" loyal customers. Even though we are all represented here and on many other BMW sites, we are a very small group of guys/gals of the "old" BMW brand comparied to what BMW is now: "Driving Image" for the masses. And anyone will pay for it.
I myself finally felt this "driving image" and being left out as an enthusiast on this last 1M rollout. BMW spent 2 years creating this "1M model", teased us at the BMWCCA fest with fenders and videos, then only released 1000 of them for purchase. Given I was not able to pay the extra $20K "market adjustment fee" for 1 of 3 that were lucky enough to grace our dealership, THIS was when I really felt the middle finger of BMW to the enthusiast. Not because of the dealer mark-up, but for not creating more BMW M engineered cars for those of us who love to exploit these cars on the track and were willing to pay MSRP which I thought was reasonable. I didn't even have the OPTION to special order one given this marketing technique.
I'm speaking to the choir here. When X5M and X6M are BMW M's priority over building light, extremely fast, and somewhat affordable cars??? I think M will never be the same and my wallet will be the final decision maker on this one.
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