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great review!

When I got stationed in Germany I was trying to score couple of nice cars I remembered from childhood: M3 (well I knew that would be expensive), 190-2.3 16 or 2.5 16 (latter was a newer production year), and finally Cossworth Sierra or Fiesta... shark 535i/m was also on the list, as was E30 325. To my big surprise, these cars are very hard to come by in Germany, and if you do find one they will cost an arm and a leg. One guy was selling 190 2.5 16 for like 20k euro (I heard of some going for around 10k euro though), cossworth I can't even find in online adds, there is one 535m (1985) and guy wants 40k euro, 325 is about 5-7k euro (or you can buy a beat one and rebuild it). There is also mint 30k km M3 Evo 2 for sale, 80k euro.

I ended up buying 88 320i, and even that is not an easy find. Germans had cash for clunkers for couple of years, and a lot of cars went under the press... I'm sure many gems found their faith that way.