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I agree about 99% with the article, and I've been ranting about the exact same thing for a while now. The 1% that I don't agree with is that I don't believe that BMW M is dead (yet). Even when/if it dies, the M brand will still be showing up all over BMW's products, but it will not have the same meaning it used to have.

Below you will see something I posted a couple of weeks ago regarding the new M6 that falls directly in line with what is being discussed in this thread:

"I have no doubt that it would be fun to drive in the same way that any +500hp car would be, but my main problem with this car is that it keeps moving farther away from what an M car should be (or used to be).

The reason why I fell in love with BMW M cars was due to the level of performance, daily driver usability, and more importantly, a level of driver involvement usually reserved for much more expensive pure sports cars.

Unfortunately this latest generation of M cars (new M5, M6, X5M, X6M) seem to have forgotten that key characteristic and therefore are moving away from what made them so brilliant for so many years.

It seems that the marketing department is having too much influence in the decisions being made at BMW M.

I really hope that the upcoming M3 breaks drastically away from this trend, but something tells me that it won't."