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Originally Posted by Reznick View Post
Thats exactly what I'd love to see too , but by that rationale, both your 1M and my M3 aren't true M cars even though e9x M3 trounces the cars that came before it ( performance wise). No matter how much we'd like to think everyone driving and M series car around knows everything about it , the simple fact is there will always be posers.But BMW IS caught in a conundrum how to keep EVERYONE happy.They are a victim of their own success. To much leather, sound deadening and gadgets and the purists aren't happy. Take that stuff away and BMW's average buyer isn't happy.
My point about Porsche was somewhat sarcastic seeing as VW just made the final buy out to completely own them.

I'm confused about all of this poser talk. I am a business man, 40, just learning about cars, have started auto crossing, plan to go to the track. I bought the m3 cause I can track it and go to bed bath and beyond after that. Am I a poser? Everyone is a poser in some way. The use of the term is just dumb.

Also, I rode in a boss 302, Shelby, blah blah, and the interiors of those cars suck, and are impossible to see out of, and would look silly at a work event. The m3 gives me a reasonable car I can use for work and to learn more about cars and driving.