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Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post
Yeah, id like to OC it. Is gigabyte good for that?

As for the RAM, which 2400 would you recommend? If i skip the soundcard ( i can do that later) then im sure i could afford another 50$

Edit: How about this RAM for ddr3 2400?
If it means skipping the sound card, I'd get the sound card, but it comes down to if you'd rather get it operating as fast as possible or have quality sound. If you've only got basic L and R speaker it might not make sense to get a sound card now. The RAM you posted is 1600, not 2400. Corsair, Kingston, G.SKILL, Patriot, are all brands you can trust. I use 1600 and haven't had any lag.

I OC with my Gigabyte and it's really easy, seems to be plenty of options for adjusting voltage. Had my CPU overheat a couple of times but my fan and heat sink aren't up to the duties, wasn't an issue of the mobo, just something to keep in mind.
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