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Great discussion.
A point that has been brought up many times about the GTS being the last pure M, the fact is, that's what it costs to satisfy the purist M buyer. I'm all for a special edition with increased displacement and reduced weight. I just wish they offered the GTS as a package, not a limited edition. There is a reason why the Dinan stroker kit costs so much. It's the cost of labor and parts to overbore the S65.

The director of M has come out and said he has a "surprise" with the next M3. "the enthusiast won't be disappointed". I'm hope BMW will deliver.

My main concern with this "next" gen of turbo M cars is the track capability. Every other 335 is playing the limp mode game at the track and I have heard of new M5s going into limp before a 20 min session. Those things have 10 coolers don't they!?!?

Anyway, glad I got me S65!