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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Normally, convertibles need to have either a hard top or a functioniing automatic roll bar (pop up style).

Not sure what specifically is required with the M Club or MSRH.
I went over the rules in detail before the 5 May MSRH track day, and you're right specifically with the automated ROPS*, they are permitted under those conditions. Also, confirmed it via e-mail with Kurt H., Sales Mgr, on the 15th of March.

MSR: “All open cars, including convertibles, must have a roll bar, except for touring laps.”

*Roll Over Protection System
“You and your passengers are assured of a robust and protective occupant cell, even if your Convertible or Roadster overturns, thanks to the roll-over protection system. Within a fraction of a second, your safety is enhanced by additional head protection.

Together with the highly rigid A columns and reinforced windscreen frames of every BMW Convertible or Roadster model, the roll-over protection system creates a safe "occupant cell" should the vehicle overturn. Roll-over sensors activate special high-strength roll-bars that are integrated in or behind the seats, ensuring there is sufficient clearance for occupant's heads in the event of an accident. The integrated seatbelt system ensures that you and your passenger are restrained firmly in your seats.”

So, grab your helmet and drive with the top down! It's a blast.

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