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Originally Posted by simianspeedster View Post
To some extent, I'd say yes, but I think you may be missing the context of my point.

Many companies who offer high-end performance cars/lines are weaving in so much technology into their cars they have eliminated or nearly eliminated manual transmissions. Ferrari and Lambo set the trend in motion years ago.

But consider BMW's direct competition: Audi is clearly on the path to eliminating manual transmissions even on their S and RS cars. Mercedes offers a single manual model in America, but you'll never see one (SLK250). For me, it's a disturbing trend and I'm glad to see that BMW hasn't gone there...yet.

Among less expensive cars, I'm happy to see manuals are still around, but I think that speaks to the economics and demographics where those cars compete. The list of sports cars (or even sporty cars) with RWD and a manual transmission is getting shorter every year, so we should celebrate the survivors!
It doesnt get anymore mainstrean than a Honda Accord,yet you think BMW should be celebrated for offering a MT on a sports car, the Mustang Boss 302 only comes with a MT and the Z06 jst started offering an auto.

What's sad if that bright orange was offered on the Mustang GT500, many people here would have would thought it looks hideous. Since it's BMW offering it,it's the coolest color ever and worth 5 to 10 grand.