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Those of you who agree with the author: how many of you have a daily-driven car like an Lotus Exige? How long did you own it for? Unless you live in Japan where the roads are smoother than a pool table, I'd guess "not that long".

Note that even Lotus has gone "soft" with the Evora.

How many of you "true enthusiasts" are ready to pay 120K Euros for an M3? Because that's what the M3 GT4 costs. So why are you bitching about it here and not out there racing?

It's like the age-old Mac vs PC thing. Apple doesn't know how to make a sub-$1000 laptop that doesn't suck (in their view). You are free to disagree, just like you can most definitely make a go-kart beat the pants off any supercar. But I wouldn't like a go-kart as a daily driver.