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So much mis-information.. the 'entire' 18,000 mile service is roughly $1,300 to $1,800, depending on the dealer and includes doing trans, diffs, engine etc... I did all the fluids myself for $1,000 (including Brake Fluid & Power Steering at $13K). The trans fluid is expensive at almost $70 a quart.. and you need 8 quarts. d

If you're a 'real' car guy... not some poser driving around in a sports car... the maintenance is nothing more than a typical sports car... and significantly less than any other SuperCar!

The M3 is great... with everything covered including service for the first 50K miles... but the GTR shouldn't be looked to be high maintenance when compared to any other SuperCar...

I did extensive research on a couple of different forums before I decided to go with an M3 and never came across your total of expenses--having said that I'd have to take your word for it. Also, I've never owned a sports car that took $1000 of ANY type or culmination of fluids, so, that to me, is expensive.