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Originally Posted by Sean05 View Post
I will quote the OP "its a devils car"...

to be honest its not different than any other cars... the only thing you need to worry is the brakes and tires, but that all depends on how you drive. Test drove the car several times before and after getting my M3... and in the end i still decided to keep the M3... its just luxury and buying a GTR for me was just a waste if you dont track the car which was meant to be.

oil change cost 230 at the dealer... and you dont really need anything other than an oil change then overhaul all fluids at 30 k miles not on the manual but thats what i would do. and plus if you do the DIY job saves you $$$$$$$$

I just did all my Fluid on my M3


dealer price close to $1500-1800 was quoted..

DIY price... $352
They want you to change the tranny fluid every 18,000 miles and if you don't it voids the warranty. The transmission on those cars is about $12-15K. 1 quart of their DCT fluid is about $80-100, so the fluid swap is about $1800-2000. That's JUST the transmission fluid.