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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
I hope you don't mind some constructive criticism.
Don't mind at all, go for it.

Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
I see you like to slide around. That's fine. But sliding around is the SLOW way to go around corners. You gave up a ton of exit speed coming onto the long front straight. A TON of exit speed. I know it looks cool and you're having fun, but really, that is the LAST place I would try and "drift" the car. You may be losing tenth of a second in going through that turn that way, but you're losing SECONDS by being 5-8mph SLOWER on the front straight by not being able to fully power down on the exit to the longest straight on a course.
Well yeah, I enjoy sliding/drifting thru this skid pad area and, by no means was I doing that thinking I'll be going faster.

I started tracking on this track last year (first 3 track days were on this track), but since then, I hadn't gone back and had sort of forgotten the track layout, if you will. So, it was more of refamiliarization visit.

Plus, a bent front wheel from Laguna Seca in June was causing vibrations on the steering wheel (at 70 to 80 mph), and I expected said vibrations to go away when I swapped the fronts with rears, but to my surprise, the vibrations remained. So, I'm thinking, either one (or, both) of the rear wheel(s) that are now at the front is(are) bent too, or I have a wheel bearing problem. So, with equipment issues like that, I wasn't about to go there, get all serious and push things.

So, all in all, just went there to screw around & have fun, not to be setting any lap time.

Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
Also, use the exit to pit lane. It's part of the track. In this configuration you absolutely need to put about 1/2 of your car in the exit to pit lane to keep momentum up through to the uphill braking zone for the tight ~180 turn. Again, you're giving up speed and momentum here that's easily costing you on the magnitude of seconds per lap since this is the fastest part of a relatively slow course. When done right, you just breath off the throttle momentarily and turn in IF you manage to use the exit to pit lane right.
Yep, totally agree, and was doing that on my previous visits there. Just not this past Saturday. The old tire on the bent wheel that was moved to the rear has may be 5 or 10% tread left and I wasn't about to push things at that very high speed spot.

Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
There's a lot of fundamental problems with your driving I won't even bother point out,
Oh, but please do. I'm totally open to any and all criticisms, observed flaws, advises, etc, etc, provided that it's explained/presented in a way that I can comprehend (having just over a year of tracking, there are concepts that I fail to grasp despite multiple explanations ).

If it's going to be too brutal, feel free to PM me plz. I may have a question or two for you, as well.

Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
but the one thing you absolutely got to fix, is that shuffle steering. Again, I understand why you do it. It's far easier to catch the car right now by shuffling, and seeing how you like the car out of control and slow rather than in control and fast, it sort of works because it allows you to just let go of the steering wheel and let the car auto-correct. But as you pick up speed, and say, were this to happen at the exit to the Esses at Buttonwillow, if you don't have your hands at the 9 & 3 you probably just bought yourself a one way ticket to meet the corner worker station at the exit, because power-on oversteer there is going to require control of the vehicle to correct, the car is going TOO FAST to self-correct there.
Yeah, I've had others tell me this too. And, I'm going to try to remember to to counter with hands on 9 & 3 as much as possible.

From watching my track videos, I do both (but, probably shuffle more, though). And, although I don't have a premeditated method for shuffling at certain oversteer situations versus correcting with my hands at 9 & 3 at other oversteer situations, when I watch my videos, I think I tend to 9 & 3 when I sense the backend coming out fast.

Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
I'm not here to try and "hate" on "having a little fun" by drifting. I can see the allure. Not my cup of tea, but I can see the allure. It's just that, as your speed pick up naturally from getting more familiar with the track, there are certain spots that will absolutely eat you up alive at most local tracks, and to quote Yoda, "If you continue down this path, forever will it dominate your destiny."
I agree. At Buttonwillow and Big Willow (2 tracks I've gone to more than other tracks, and am more serious about my lap times there), you won't see me screwing around drifting like I did at SOW's skidpad or CVR's T16.
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