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Originally Posted by Clem View Post
The LS2 ('05 + '06) GTO's are capable of being plenty fast and given equal drivers (almost never the case!) should beat a stock 335. Higher altitude obviously makes a big difference. I do frequent and am actually a member (only 11 post) over at the GTO forum:

Very entertaining "Kill" stories from these guys and some 335 races. We do get some respect over there but no GTO owner has admitted defeat at the hands of a 335. Guess that's why they call it Kill Stories and not "Killed".
Clem, whats up man? I recognized your username from some 335 posts over on the GTO forum, just thought I'd say hey. I think I replied to one or two of them over there. Where in MD are you? Matt and I are going to meet up soon for some runs, you should come on out too.