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Hey guys.....I'm a GTO owner. I know Matt (Sniz) and he sent me the link to this thread. Being the GTO owner I thought I could share some first hand knowledge. First of seems that most of these accounts are at high altitude where the forced induction of the 335 obviously has the advantage over the N/A GTO. I understand you guys are just posting your first hand encounters, I just want to make sure that the general consensus isn't that "All GTOs are slow and run mid to low 14s no matter where you run them."

Yes, GTOs are heavy pigs. (around 3725 pounds) They are also VERY tricky to launch because of the IRS, and the RIDICULOUSLY skinny tires that GM in their infinite wisdom decided to stick on them. (245s for the 17" rims, and 235 for the 18s) Needless to say, the tires are ridiculously undersized for a 400hp vehicle. That combination produces some NASTY wheel hop out of the hole, so 1/4 mile ETs suffer. A lot of the guys are putting drag bags in the rears to help control it. That being said, if a competant driver is behind the wheel of a 6 speed 05+ GTO...they can be very quick. I took my car to the strip (slightly above sea level) with 1,400 miles on the clock and logged a best pass of 13.3@109mph bone stock.

Matt (Sniz) and I are going to meet up VERY soon to see what my stock GTO can do against his Procede 335i. Hopefully we'll get some videos so you guys can see the runs. Like I said, I have never run a 335i so I don't really have any idea what to expect, but I'm a pretty good driver. I used to have a 2003 Z06 (stock) and ran 12.2@116 in 104* August heat last summer.

Anyway, if anyone else has any questions for a GTO owner, feel free to ask and I'll answer as best I can.