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Originally Posted by HuangYiChao View Post

I have a 2010 model so I have the plastic green one with two springs. What I did was remove the outer bigger spring but kept the small one in. It helped reduce the wobbling around of clutch pedal a bit. I then removed the silver spring that is hooked on the clutch. Not sure if that is a good idea or not but it made the clutch lighter but for some reason felt more direct than if I had just remove the bigger clutch spring. With the big and small spring still seems like the best way to go but i dont like how the clutch wobbles around.
I test drove a used 2011 M3 this week and was quite disappointed in the clutch feel. Particularly how light it felt and which makes it hard to feel the engagement point because I can't feel the pedal pressure under my foot as I let go of the pedal.

I'm just wondering if removing that spring you mentioned would indeed cause an improvement in the pedal feel, essentially resulting in a somewhat "stiffer" clutch which I guess I prefer.

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