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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
agreed that anyone is beatable, Ryo Chonan pulled off one of the most spectacular subs I've ever seen and was able to get Anderson to tap

I dont think the Jon Jones of today would beat Anderson but every day that goes by, that kid gets better and better, while Anderson gets older. Which is the reason that fight is never gonna happen, both guys have too much too lose.

Its not fair to compare Anderson body to Jon Jones and say that why he win, Jon Jones has 84" reach, HW dont even have that reach, think only Struve gets close, Anderson is tall and skinny like Jon but thats where two comparisons stop.

I really dont know what it is but Anderson has incredible power, he hits people w/ what looks like lil jabs and they do mega damage. He is too fast, accurate and the best timing in MMA. IMO, the only one beating Anderson right now is father time
Perfectly put, time is his only enemy. BTW, did you see his new sponsor? Freaking Nike! WOW