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Originally Posted by Clem View Post
The LS2 ('05 + '06) GTO's are capable of being plenty fast and given equal drivers (almost never the case!) should beat a stock 335. Higher altitude obviously makes a big difference. I do frequent and am actually a member (only 11 post) over at the GTO forum:

Very entertaining "Kill" stories from these guys and some 335 races. We do get some respect over there but no GTO owner has admitted defeat at the hands of a 335. Guess that's why they call it Kill Stories and not "Killed".
So should an average driver in a Proceded 335i beat good drivers in stock GTOs? There hasn't been many videos, except one I saw where a Procede 335i got slaughtered by a GTO that obviously wasn't near stock. It was a 3 way race between the EVO, GTO, 335i. The 335i looked like it was standing still!

Interestingly enough, this post shows that at the NJ drag strip, his stock 335i was faster than the GTOs there too: