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Buy any new BMW and get a free day at Performance Driving Center! Have you got this r

Guys and Girls:
As the subject says, I received a marketing promotion mail with M3 poster / photos both on the front and back. It says that you get a free day at BMW Performance Driving Center when buying any new BMW vehicle.

The reason I asked is because I just got a X3 for my wife last weekend. When I mentioned this to the dealership, they didn't know anything about it (which I am not surprised). Then I called BMWNA and they didn't know anything and wanted me to check with BMWFS, who also didn't have the clue. After several attempts of calling BMWNA and BMWFS and trying out different Customer Service Rep, finally someone gave me the number to BMW Performance Driving Center. When I called the center, the lady also didn't know what I was talking about. Finally she put me on hold and asked around and said I need to send in my Leasing Document, Newly purchased vehicle registration, and a copy of that promotion mail to this email address

Has anyone here purchased a new BMW and tried to get the free driving school pass? I just can't believe that BMW cannot keep track of their own marketing promotion, and they even need me to show them the proof of the mail....

I'm sure the Free day is worth all these hassles. But honestly, having spent so much money, although I'm extremely happy with the cars, BMW's subpar amateur customer service (not just from this incident of course) left a bad taste and put the brand equity and it's engineering to shame....