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Originally Posted by HP Autowerks View Post
To me the SS lines didn't change the pedal feel at all, at least not with new oem lines. If you have high mileage rubber lines, some improvement is probably there.

The changes from oem to BBK is like going from braking with your foot to braking with your toes, the change is very drastic. Pad compound also will play a role in the pedal feel, less compressible compounds will give you a firmer pedal.
I'm bumping this post to say that I have to agree with Harold. The stoptech st60/st40 combo drastically increases pedal sensitivity. Borderline too much.. It's ok on track but I feel like it's too sensitive on the street to the point where it's hard to modulate since the pedal bites immediatly in the travel. Does anyone else with the stoptech's feel this way? I may try a less aggressive street pad than the stoptech street sports.
By the way the st60's fit fine with my stock 18's and 10mm spacers. No spacers required for the APEX track wheels