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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
You can't say that Kobayashi was out driven by his team-mate Perez several times this year based on the points table and at the same time not notice the huge difference in points between Nico and Schumacher to even mention the latter.

I said probably the most complete F1 driver out there because I think Nico Rosberg is right there with Alonso (but being more reliable) would Mercedes be at the same level as Ferrari.

There's no such thing as an under-rated driver in F1 unless there had been no chance to drive for a competitive team in a competitive car which is clearly NOT the case with Webber for some years now.

I'm sorry to say it, but there's several better F1 drivers than Mark out there. He should have been able to beat Vettel and I would be surprised if he did in the end of this season.

You have to pay better attention to qualifying and Sauber's strategies for each driver in the race.

Grosjean is probably the less reliable driver of the lot despite of a VERY competitive package. As for Kimi, he is out driven by Grosjean more times than he should especially in qualifying.
I knew the Kobayashy v Perez comment would be controversial. I take it back, you're right.

I hope Red Bull keep looking after Mark, especially since he resigned with them for next year - maybe he should have gone to Ferrari next year (but then Red Bull would definitely have sabotaged his season this year).

Maybe we should go with the Top Gear ranking instead:

1 Sebastian Vettel 1:44.0
2 Rubens Barrichello 1:44.3
3 The Stig II 1:44.4 Ben Collins. (Removed from the board during interview with Vettel.)
4 Nigel Mansell 1:44.6
5 Lewis Hamilton 1:44.7 Wet & oily.
6 Jenson Button 1:44.7 Hot.
7 Jenson Button 1:44.9 Falling snow.
8 The Stig I 1:46.0 Perry McCarthy. (Not listed on the board.)
9 Kimi Räikkönen 1:46.1 Very wet.
10 Damon Hill 1:46.3
11 Mark Webber 1:47.1 Very wet.
12 Michael Schumacher DNF Got lost at Hammerhead, and car was not seen again.

They need to invite Nico, Alonso, and Kobayashy on the show so we can settle this.

As for the Toyota 86. Saw one in traffic this morning (pearl white in colour), very nice looking car.