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After May 2006 things went downhill with the car. The first of the downhill things I noticed was the bumper fitment and how it was just not quite right. I know this is minor but it always seems to be the little things that bother you the most. Second was the car felt very sluggish at times with the new headers and intake. Needless to say I was not happy with the “supposed” upgrades and was starting to become very displeased with the work done to my car. The last straw was when I was washing the car and I started to have a leak over the passenger side of the car. That was it and at that point I went to my new local shop and said I want all the EvoSport crap off my car.

In December 2006 I dropped off the car at my new shop and started the few month legal fight with EvoSport to correct their shoddy install of the roof. The images below are of the roof prior to the new rood install. Notice the over drilling of the 96 spot welds and the crapy application of the glue on the areas of the roof.

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