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Originally Posted by aus View Post
The 1M is a limited production car, so it's value will hold up. They've been dynoing around 330wHP- yes, that's at the wheel. I've seen them tracked hard in 110 degree heat without problems and it has all M3 suspension components. It's an impressive car, but not a true //M. Unfortunately, it gives insight into the future of //M cars.
330 to the wheels

then my stock manual M3 must have at least 400 to the wheels from what it looked when I raced my friends 1M on the highway! In second gear it was really close, as soon as I hit 3rd, I started to pull easily and when I hit my 4th gear, it was a real massacre. I was even wondering if he letted go the throttle, but he assured me he was still WOT and we made the same race at least 3 other time right after that one, all with the same result! I must say I was happilly surprised with the result but that's what it was!

So 330 to the wheels, I would be REALLY surprised!

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