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Originally Posted by gary88 View Post
Honestly I think Perez still has the best chance of taking Massa's seat.

1) He's already in the Ferrari driver academy
2) He's proven he can drive this season, almost winning in Malaysia
3) He would be a great #2 to Alonso, plus he'd benefit a lot from having a 2x WDC as his teammate
4) He's already outperforming Massa this season in the points

Ferrari saying they won't consider his because he's "too aggressive" is just an excuse to get attention off anyone taking Massa's seat. It's not like Alonso is a passive driver or anything so that statement holds no merit.
I agree. Perez would be a great replacement. He is a very talented driver, remarkably mature for his age, and he brings a bucketload of sponsorship money from Mexico.

However, I would have liked to see Webber in a Ferrari. I think he would have made a great teammate for Alonso.