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Originally Posted by highyo View Post
while he beats the e39 m5 in every category that they can come up with, acceleration, handling, technology, fit and finish. beats it to a pulp.

yeah that guy is a real sucker

and by the way, if you can customize your suspension settings, your seat heat distribution, and how many times your signal signals when you press *click*, i'm pretty sure you can turn off the cabin noise that everyone is so upset about.
I thought BMW's were about sheer driving pleasure,Freude Am Fahren.
Btw with $15k worth upgrades even a $10k Miata can spank the F10 M5.
According to the BMW M division to be a heavyweight on the racetrack, first you have to be a lightweight. They used that line in one of their ads for the E36 M3 LTW.
why do you think real race cars tend to be light? The laws of physics havent changed.