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Given the amount of "because racecar" sentiment in this thread, I wonder how many people here have cars with:

a) No leather (cloth is grippier)
b) No power seats (too heavy)
c) No navigation system/premium sound/"quality of life" equipment (too heavy and unnecessary on the track)
d) 18-inch wheels (greatest selection of race tires)
e) No EDC (replacement struts are expensive, all top-tier aftermarket dampers delete EDC functionality)
f) Sedan (cheaper, no performance disadvantage vis-a-vis coupe)

My guess is, "not many." Instead, we have threads upon threads of people showing off their cars with 20-inch wheels, debating the merits of LCI taillights and cutting up their exhaust for sound purposes.

BMW has to go where the market goes, and the US market is saying "I don't want a stripped-out $60k car, I'd rather have a $72k car with lots of gadgets, nice-looking wheels and a wicked exhauste note."

It's neither good nor bad; it is what it is.