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Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post
which is exactly the main point of the article, IMO.

The Lime Rock "special edition" as it currently stands is not only a slap in the face (as were all these mickey mouse "special editions" that were nothing more than special coloring and some numeric badge with a serial), but robbery in terms of a anything "limited" about it.

Case in point, buy a MY2013 coupe from any of our favorite CA's here for $500-$1000 over invoice, slap the $5k for the orange paint, and $1.5k for all the CF accents, and you still would have the same exact car with a good $5k in pocket to boot.

Now, if they would have added some of the items I mentioned that actually make the car "special" (more powerful powerplant, lighter components like CRT seats, etc), and then charge a "premium", then I doubt anyone would have an issue with it.

I keep getting back to the e46 CSL everytime I think about these "special editions" THAT was a car that really deserved some attention, but too bad that it never made it Stateside...
You can thank the US gov't for those cars never getting here- with a million a pop to crash test and certify BMWNA would need to sell them at $100k a piece which is NOT the target market.

There will be some news on the F80 soon enough and will put peoples minds in perspective.

People also need to realize BMM M GmbH does NOT control its own fate- BMW AG does. BMW AG has final say into products and what is to be built in serial production. M designs cars that they'd like to see then the board makes adjustments or says NO- there is an entire collection of M products that never were green lighted.... M5 Performance edition anyone? Which had the 5.5l engine that was to power the BMW CS Flagship (Headed by M) that was also axed by BMW AG.
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