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I'm well aware of Bill Caswell's accomplishments and building cars, but it seems like he woke up pissed at the world when he wrote this. That or he's trying very hard to impress the bitter little Jalopink crew he's writing with. You even mention the M3 and it sends Jalops into a hissy fit and you are (in their words ) instantly an asshat for driving one. I can fully agree with some of the points he makes but it seems as though his writing is a contradiction . He slams the me people that will buy this car as posers , but then says he can't wait to run into them at the hotel in their racesuits before heading to the track( I see what he's getting at,,but they are going to the track right? I haven't run into an amateur racer that doesn't like people to know they track their car. Just look at peoples sig's on this very site and the pics of them on track they post below. Thas why its there right? So we all know you track your car). He can't wait to run into them?? for what ?? to mock them? He's too cool for THIS type of driver. I'm sure there was a time in Bill's life when he was a little over enthusiastic to get on track.
People can go on and on about the M division being dead. But why pick this car? it started its life as an M3. Its a great car straight out of the box. Its not as though BMW is asking an outrageous amount of money for this special edition, so why are his panties in such a bunch. There will only be 200 made and it will start at $70,000. Thats what an E92 M3 costs anyway. Its not as though they took a new 325 ,slapped some wheels and an M badge on it and are asking 125K for it. There have bee many other manufacturers that have made " special editions" with limited changes and huge price tags and nobody says a word. ( Someone else mentioned the outgoing GT3, but that car came with major changes and the much bigger price tag to boot).While I will agree that slapping an M badge on everything lessens the true M cars lineage I can't agree that BMW's current cars are totally a product of their own doing. I'd love to see a stripped down, light car thats fun to throw around a track , but with more and more government mandates, you're just not gonna see it . Hell a Ford Focus is 3100lbs.As someone else already pointed out even if BMW did build a cheap stripped down track car, it wouldn't sell to the masses. Like it or not its the "masses" that keep car companies in business. M3's and M5's are a tiny fragment of BMW's sales