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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
LOL, you've got to be kidding. So let me get this straight, you're not impressed by anything making less than 100 HP per liter it appears. So that rules out all the NA AMGs, all the Corvettes (ZR1 included), the Boss 302, the Viper, some Lambos and Feraris, and basically everything else under $200K besides the Honda S2000. Not to mention, have you priced out a GT3(RS) in comparison to an M3? Go try to buy a 4.0L Porsche and let me know how that turns out.

The article was terrible. Full of sniveling and whining. Contradictions and hypocrisy. And I don't give a shit about M or it's heritage, I bough an M3 because it was the best car in the segment. Period.
2. Hahaha... so it's crap why? Did it make you feel angry? Please refute it, you and the 1,000 other fanbois. Don't make a broad declarative statement with no basis or premise behind your “conclusion / argument”.

1. Who gives a damn about "100hp/litre"... no one who cares about performance – otherwise you would see those who are serious about performance brag about it vs. trying to achieve it to get the most power from their cars - which is the idea, vs. the circle jerk. Race cars don't produce 100/hp+ per litre so their crews and fans can get mini chubs each time they think about it. It because they are constrained by rules and need to make the most power from what they have. This has found its way into street cars for (a) homologation, and (b) to give you that "race" feeling. I think he meant what you get for the price. BMW has done nothing to this car except come out with an overpriced GTS edition and an overpriced "track" version bolted together from its existing inventory of parts to squeeze that last bit of juice out of its fanboy followers – many of who probably consume ramen noodles for dinner to afford the next $5K exhaust from the aftermarket because it has beautiful welds or is made of Inconel, etc.

This is why I just bought a Mercedes after 5 BMWs.

(not that there are no fanbois there)
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